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We are psychics, mediums, witches, pagans, the curious and more… all learning and growing together.

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We welcome those with an interest in spiritual growth, psychic development, mediumship, tarot, witchcraft, astrology and more, to gather together and support each other on our paths to self-discovery, so that we can expand our consciousness and manifest our desires.  Our community is funded through member donations, and is completely free to use with no ads.   

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Digital Soulspace: 

  • Engage in deep discussions about psychic growth, fostering your spiritual understanding.
  • Form supportive relationships with like-minded individuals on a similar self-discovery journey.
  • Enhance your capabilities under the guidance of experienced community members in all areas of the metaphysical world.
  • Participate in live-stream events, use our chat rooms, create social media style posts and more, without the fear of being judged or encountering argumentative individuals.

Magic Is Everywhere

"If someone asks you why you are such a dreamer, tell them it's because reality can't keep up with you. Claim your right to be a visionary, to see into the future with hope, to imagine what could happen if the sacred could just tip the scales toward justice. Don't settle for what is, but reach for might be. Let your mind gather the facts and let your heart sort out the reasons, but open your spirit to soar to the realm of possibility. The bland prophets of the status quo may think they own today, but dreamers like you slip past them to discover the way to tomorrow. Reality is just a rear view mirror."  - Steven Charleston, "Ladder To The Light." 

Established January 2022, Digital Soulspace is a collaborative online metaphysical / spiritual resource with an advanced social media style interface, run by those who are trying to make the world a better place. It was created out of the need of individuals to experience a sense of community while learning about the Universe, and without all the noise and privacy issues of conventional social media. Because our community supports the platform through donations, we have no need to annoy you with ads, bots, or sell your personal data. Our system is completely complimentary, so you always have a place to connect, interact, and learn with others.  If you find our community of value and you are able to, we graciously accept your financial support to help cover the costs of running such an expansive platform.

Digital Soulspace is operated by a small team of Network Hosts and Moderators to make sure everything is running smoothly, and the site remains a safe place to express, learn, and interact.


Members of Digital Soulspace come from ALL walks of life and share interests in a variety of metaphysical and spiritual modalities.   Our members describe themselves as psychic intuitive, mediums. past life experts, readers of tarot and other forms of divination, reiki masters, witches and much much more.  Digital Soulspace is proudly LGBTQ+ owned... so welcoming everyone with open arms is a very important aspect of who we are.   Digital Soulspace does not permit "trolling", offensive or abusive content. We value the safety of our members and the energy of our space above all else.

Grow With Us

We are a young community that just celebrated its second birthday!  With many dedicated members we made the leap to migrate to a new online experience in October of 2022, which included mobile app support and modern interface. We had to start again from scratch, but it’s always a wonderful feeling to grow with a community in the earliest of beginnings.   In the short time we've been around, our members have already made incredible and lasting friendships.  

Learn With Us

Everyone is a teacher AND a student on Digital Soulspace... we never stop learning in life and that's the philosophy we embrace in this community.   You never need to feel embarrassed or shy about asking questions, perhaps the answer you seek others do as well.   Digital Soulspace also offers free and paid courses for those interested, or you can even create / offer your own course and material.  If you have your own spiritual based business, you can promote it on Digital Soulspace within our "Marketplace" section for a small annual donation.

What We Are Not

We are not an online church or a cult, we don't represent any traditional kind of faith... we are simply put, a community of metaphysical / spiritual seekers.   There's no central "leader" or "guru", we are just students and teachers all at the very same time. We do not allow argumentative or rude behavior... there are others apps and platforms for that.